Cottage at Sourniac,
Cantal (France)
 An authentic place between Auvergne and Limousin
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Gîte de France web site
Gîte de France web site


Between Dordogne and Massif Central, this estate with varied landscapes and with a rich architectural heritage will make the difference and privilege the escape and the green tourism.

The emblematic pyramid of Puy Mary (1 787 m) proudly oversees the Cantalien volcano which is the largest volcano in Europe (2 700 km²).
Its green grazing lands, brought to life by the herds of red Salers cows, reveal the presence of man, and his economic and cultural stronghold in an authentic land, rich in tradition and highland know-how.


Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, jewel from the Renaissance period in the High-Auvergne, Salers is built on two basalt rocks..

Coming to Salers, is travelling in time from Middle-Ages to the Renaissance period. Houses with turrets, belfry, ramparts...


This is our secret spot: the brook that flows down the property.

The steep trip down the  forest (expect 2h of walk for the round trip) is worth the efforts.

Once donwn there you will experience a magic surrounding that no picture can describe.

Panorama of the 'col de Néronne'

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