Cottage at Sourniac,
Cantal (France)
 An authentic place between Auvergne and Limousin
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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Mauriac

1 Rue Chappe d’Auteroche

15200  Mauriac

tel : 04 71 67 30 26

Office de Tourisme des Gorges de la Haute Dordogne

Rue de la Tour des 5 pierres

19160 Neuvic

tel : 05 55 95 88 78

Office de Tourisme Communautaire du Pays de Bort-Artense

Place Marmontel

19110 Bort les Orgues

tel : 05 55 96 02 49


Office de Tourisme du Grand Pays de Salers

Place Tyssandier d’Escous,

15140 Salers

tel : 04 71 40 58 08


Locally brewed Beer
Goat cheese
Locally produced Ice-cream The Snail Garden
Salers PDO


In the Cantal departement there are 5 Auvergne PDO cheeses (the only department in France to have so many PDO cheeses): Cantal, Salers, Fourme d’Ambert, Bleu d’Auvergne, Saint Nectaire.

The Protected Designation of Origin guarantees the area of production and the expertise of our producers.

The Salers cow

This beautiful cow in a red dress and with lyre-shaped horns has a thousand of good qualities. Main livestock of Cantal, maternal and rustic, it provides a quality meat that you will find served in all our gourmet restaurants. Her milk is the basis of cheese production mentioned above.


Thanks to the quality of the pig raised under the label «Capelin» (pig fed with chestnuts) and «Cantalou» (traditional Cantal pig), sausages, pork and charcuterie of Cantal are known to be among the best.


The 'Tripou'

This specialty of Auvergne (minced veal and lamb mixed with stuffing, then rolled in a lamb rumen) is one of the jewels of Cantal gastronomy.

The 'Truffade'

Typical Auvergne specialty made ​​with potatoes and fresh cheese.

The 'Pounti'

Terrine cooked with meat, herbs and prunes.

The suffed cabbage (Chou Farci)

Cabbage leaves surrounding a stuffing made ​​from pork and condiments.

The Gentiane flower

The root of this emblematic plant of Cantal is the basis for the production of local aperitifs such as «L’Avèze» or «Salers».

(note that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health)

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